Hospital Administrator

Longtime friend of the Wheaton family, in 2007 he received the rare opportunity to be an integral part of the start up of a very worthy cause, The Pet Rescue Center.  With a recent background in Property Management and Corporate Office Management, he transitioned well into both positions.

Growing up in Mission Viejo, CA in a family that could not turn away a stray, and that bred cats, German Shepherds and Akitas, Josh already had a strong passion for animals.  With his first job at age 15 at Petco, who knew life would come full circle?   In December 2007, he was submerged in the animal rescue world with the hands-on guidance of Dr. Wheaton.  Josh makes sure Alicia Pet Care Center functions properly and smoothly.  His friends would tell you he is pretty laid back, super funny, a jack of all trades and an all around great guy!

Josh's hobbies include: building motorcycles, boating, fishing, snowboarding, golfing, motorcycling, reading, drumming, cooking, playing and watching hockey and watching Angels baseball.  These days his time away from work is mostly spent cherishing his precious family: wife - Marianne; sons Clark - born 2008 & Levi - born 2010 and 9 year old Australian Shepherd - "Bella Blue" and 4 year old rescue from the Pet Rescue Center, the most happy & grateful Pom "Lola".



Office & Media Manager

If Tim looks at all familiar to you, it may be the resemblance to his brother, Dr. Wheaton.  Tim is the youngest son of the Wheaton clan, 16 months junior to Dr. Wheaton.  The two of them were around animal care all of their lives, going with their Dad to his veterinary hospital from as far back as they can remember.  They both watched a lot of surgeries as kids; one day, Tim hit his limit and couldn't handle all of the procedures any longer.  It's probably around that time that the brothers started to take different roads: Matthew heading toward what would lead him to become a veterinarian... Tim down the more creative path that would make him a writer for a decade before he exchanged typewriter for camera and became a professional photographer.

After 13 years in the title insurance industry, supervising staffs in local offices as well as hundreds of employees offshore in the Philippines and India, Tim came to a crossroads in 2013.  After much discussion and deliberation, he accepted the position at Alicia Pet Care Center to work with and for his brother.  Pairing his supervisor experience and his knowledge-base of marketing and social media from running his photography business, Tim brings a lot to the back office structure of APCC.  His transition was seamless; he and his family have been visiting the hospital regularly since its inception.  He and his wife, Melissa, adopted sibling cats (Rusty & Audrey) from The Pet Rescue Center in 2011.  The cats are well-loved by his two children Delilah and Sawyer. 

When Tim is not at APCC, a lot of his time is spent behind the camera or at his computer, editing photos.  When he is not working one of these two jobs, he enjoys going to concerts (though he photographs those usually as well), watching movies, and he is kind of a freak about watching (or listening to) the current World Champion Boston Red Sox play baseball.  If you've seen Jimmy Fallon in "Fever Pitch", he's basically like that.

Tim loves his job, being part of the team, and helping Alicia Pet Care Center continue to be the ultimate in veterinary care, for both you and your pets.  He will be keeping you up to date with all the happenings via social media -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -- with photos and videos, pet health tips and ways to keep your fur-babies happy and healthy.

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