Pet Poison Prevention

The following information was adapted from the brochure

Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Labeling Initiative:

Protect Your Pet:

Labels contain important information.
Follow all label instructions and precautions.
Keep products in their original containers.
Keep pets away from products.
Know where to call for help.  Always read the label first before you buy, store, and use household cleaners or pesticide products.  Many common household products such as cleaners and pesticides could hurt a pet if not used and stored correctly.

Labels Tell You:

How to use a product safely and effectively.
How to store the product safely.
First aid instructions.
Phone numbers to call for help or more information.

Follow All Label Precautions:

Warnings and directions tell you how to use products safely and correctly.  This helps keep you and your pets safe.
Follow warnings to open windows, wear gloves, and avoid breathing product dust.
Keep pets and children away from treated areas as directed on the label.

Keep Products in Original Containers:

It is very dangerous to put products in food and beverage containers.
Containers without tight fitting lids can easily spill, allowing your pet access to the product.
If you throw away the original container, you throw away important information needed in case of an emergency.
If the label tells you to mix a product in another container, use all of the mixture.  If you can't use all the mixture, label the new container for use in the future.

Know Where to Call For Help:

Many labels contain a phone number to call in an emergency.
Have your local poison control center phone number handy by the phone.
Have your veterinarian's phone number near the phone.
Have the product label with you when you call!  The label provides those helping you with important information about the product.

Keep Pets Away from Products:

Don't spray or store cleaning or pesticide products near pet food or water dishes.
Make sure animals can't get at bait products while they are in use.
In the event of a spill, be sure to keep animals out of the area until it is cleaned up.
Don't forget about wildlife.  Spraying products on a windy day can carry the product into the water supply for wild animals.
Store all household cleaning products and pesticides where pets can't get at them.

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