Toxic Plants and Your Pet

The list was compiled by the ASPCA of the most frequently encountered plants and contains plants that have been reported as having systemic effects on animals and/or intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Aloe Kalanchoe
Amaryllis L
Andromeda Japonica Lace Fern
Asian Lily Lacy Tree
Asparagus Fern Lily of the Valley
Australian Nut M
Autumn Crocus Macadamia Nut
Avocado Madagascar Dragon Tree
Azalea Marble Queen
B Marijuana
Bird of Paradise Mauna Loa Peace Lily (aka Peace Lily)
Amercian Bittersweet Mexican Breadfruit
European Bittersweet Mistletoe "American"
Branching Ivy Morning Glory
Buckeye Mother-in-Law
Buddist Pine N
C Narcissus
Caladium Needlepoint Ivy
Calla Lily Nephthytis
Castor Bean Nightshade
Ceriman (aka Cutleaf Philodendron) O
Diffenbachia Oleander
Chinaberry Treet Onion
Chinese Evergreen Orange Day Lily
Christmas Rose P
Clematis Panda
Cordatum Peace Lily (aka Mauna Loa Peace Lily)
Corn Plant (aka Cornstalk Plant) Philodendron Pertusum
Cornstalk Plant (aka Corn Plant) Plumosa Fern
Cutleaf Philodendron (aka Ceriman) Precatory Bean
Cycads Q
Cyclamen Queensland Nut
Daffodil Red Emerald
Day Lily Red Lily
Devil's Ivy Red-Margined Dracaena (aka Straight-Margined Dracaena)
Dumb Cane Red Princess
Deadly Nightshade (aka Nightshade) Rhododendron
E Ribbon Plant (Dracaena Sanderiana)
Easter Lily Rubrum Lily
Elephant Ears S
Emerald Feather (aka Emerald Fern) Saddle Leaf Philodendron
Emerald Fern (aka Emerald Feather) Sago Palm
English Ivy Satin Pothos
F Schefflera
Fiddle-Leaf Philodendron Spotted Dumb Cane
Flamingo Plant Stargazer Lily
Florida Beauty Striped Dracaena
Foxglove Sweetheart Ivy
Fruit Salad Plant Swiss Cheese Plant
Glacier Ivy Taro Vine
Gladiolas Tiger Lily
Glory Lily Tomato Plant
Gold Dieffenbachia Tree Philodendron
Gold Dust Dracaena Tropic Snow Dumbcane
Golden Pothos Tulip
Green Gold Nephthysis V
H Variable Dieffenbachia
Hahn's Self Branching English Ivy Variegated Philodendron
Heartleaf Philodendron W
Heavenly Bamboo Warneckei Dracaena
Holly Wood Lily
Horsehead Philodendron Y
Hurricane Plant Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Hyacinth Yew (aka Japanese Yew)
Hydrangea Yucca
Japanese Show Lily
Japanese Yew (aka Yew)
Jersualem Cherry

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